Arts Society North Yorkshire and South Durham: update April 2020.

On the 6th March 2020, Rita Smith, Deputy Chair and Programme Organiser, took a group of Arts Society members to the Victoria and Albert Museum to see some wonderful collections, soak up the colour and exuberance of Japanese Kimono and most of all, enjoy the company of friends on a happy social occasion. Little did they know that within days, Covid-19 would plunge everyone into the new reality of social isolation.

All lectures, study days, and trips since that date have been cancelled. Nevertheless, in the spirit of optimism, Rita Smith is planning an exciting programme, due to begin in September 2020.

During the current situation, many people will feel isolated and lonely. In order to continue to bring people together through a shared love of the arts, The Arts Society has launched a new digital platform, free to members and to the public. It will host a series of lectures by the UK’s leading art historians. The society’s aim is to help members to stay connected, entertained and informed over the next few months

Working within its Directory of Accredited Lecturers, The Arts Society is creating video lectures to be uploaded every Tuesday at 11am, starting on 7th April. Anyone planning to watch the lecture can join the community forums online, before or after the talk.

Meanwhile, the Arts Society says “whatever our sorrows or isolation, spring is here – colourful, thriving and insistent –  reminding us of better times and of the happy social occasions we will share again.”