Author Bud Craig, who lives near Darlington, has had his latest crime novel published by The Book Folks.

Making A Killing is a British murder mystery featuring Private Investigator Gus Keane, the fourth book in which he has featured. The e-book is available now and the paperback will be available this week.

In the novel, a private detective’s investigation into an affair hots up when the suspect is murdered.

When a fight breaks out at a Boxing Day fancy-dress party, attendee Gus Keane puts the fracas down to festive exuberance and too much booze and thinks little more of the matter. However, when Jerry Duckworth, one of combatants, later gets in touch and asks Keane for his services as a private investigator, it is soon apparent there was more to it.

Duckworth suspects financial advisor Adam Jennings is having an affair with his wife. Keane is tasked with following him and finding evidence of his infidelity. But Jennings has a whole lot more to hide than an amorous liaison…

  • Making A Killing is the fourth novel by Bud Craig about social worker turned reluctant private detective Gus Keane
  • The books  ̶  Tackling Death, Dead Certainty, Falling Foul, and Making A Killing  ̶  are FREE with Kindle Unlimited
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