TeesDance Festival is an online festival celebrating local dance artists from the Tees Valley region. It takes place from 1 to 14 August 2020.

The not-for-profit event will be accessible via the TeesDance Instagram account and will showcase 14 different dance artists and organisations who will ‘takeover’ and showcase their work each day.

TeesDance is the concept of professional dancer Amy Swalwell who wanted to bring the dance community together, create exposure for local freelance artists and allow audiences to experience dance that they might not otherwise see. Amy has signed-up artists, choreographers and dance educators to be involved.

After the festival, the aim is that TeesDance will continue as a collective initiative to champion dance for the Tees Valley.

Dates in August and participants:
1 Wilkinson Dance Academy
2 Spotlight Performing Arts
3 Sara D Theatre Arts
4 Sammy Gray Creative
5 Imaginarium Creative Studios
6 Patricia Suarez
7 Jennifer Essex
8 Amy Swalwell
9 Wonder Dance
10 Emily Wratten Dance Fitness
11 Beth Veitch
12 Susy Dance Fitness
13 Apta – Stockton Riverside College
14 The D Project Dance Company