‘Lewis & Number One’, written by by Antony J Stowers, was launched as an online audio book on 7th October 2020 – available at lewis-and-no1.bandcamp.com/releases.

Instead of having to buy a book online, wait for its delivery and then find time to read it, the audio version allows for instant access to the book via a USB key to be played at any time.

The story of ‘Lewis & Number One’ is based on a homework assignment set for Lewis Noble, aged 10: ‘Describe the first Stockton to Darlington Railway journey as if you were there.’

Seeking help from the Station Master, Lewis is accidentally whisked back to 1825 by a time-travelling family from 500 years into the future and so begins the great adventure…

  • For every copy sold, £1 goes to the FB Group Friends of the S&D Railway to help in the greater build-up to the 2025 anniversary