Darlington Hippodrome’s pub-style quiz will return each Friday night throughout November 2020, live on social media.

With the venue having to close throughout November, the weekly Friday-night Hippodrome quiz will resume on 6 November with Marketing Officer Julian Cound as quizmaster.

Households can take part as one team or more – there are no prizes, it’s just for fun. All you need is a pen and plenty of paper to write down your answers.

Between March and August this year while nationwide lockdown restrictions were in place, Darlington Hippodrome streamed weekly quizzes live on Facebook giving people the opportunity to have some social interaction, keep minds active and to raise a smile.

Over the past couple of months when the Hippodrome was allowed to reopen, a quiz was streamed live online once a month from the venue’s café bar to fit within the schedule of events at the theatre.

  • Darlington Hippodrome’s ‘Friday night pub quiz without the pub’ quiz will be streamed live on the theatre’s Facebook page at 7.30pm each Friday in November