It’s not too late to sign up to ‘Darlington Libraries’ Adult Reading Challenge’ as it will run throughout the year,

Hundreds of people across the borough have already started the challenge. It is based on the successful summer reading challenge for children, run each year by Darlington Libraries’, and aims to encourage adults to read more, or read ‘differently’.

It is already a great hit with library users as more than 300 people signed up to take on the challenge within the first three weeks of its launch.

Suzy Hill, Library Events Manager, explained: “The idea is simple – if you want to read more books or try reading a different type of book, pop into one of our libraries and pick up a free Reading Challenge Card, then borrow and read a book in each of the listed categories to complete your card.

“No matter what kind of books you ordinarily love, the options on our cards will inspire you to try something new and exciting – and we’re offering those who complete their cards the chance to win a prize.”

Completed cards should given to staff and will be entered into a draw for the chance of winning a £50 or £25 book voucher at the end of the year. There are four different cards, with 12 challenges on each, offering avid readers the chance of up to four entries in the prize draw.

  • The Adult Reading Challenge is open to all adults and is free – call in to Crown Street or Cockerton Library to pick up your card and get started
  • To find out more about events at Darlington Libraries pop into the library, call 01325 349610 or visit