During August and September 2019, you can contribute to artist and performer Lady Kitt’s project at Crown Street Gallery and Darlington Library and Archive. It is part of Middlesbrough Art Weekender, supported by Creative Darlington.

Kitt’s project is called Darlo to ‘Boro is our Grand Tour; to find out more, visit the website.

This is your chance to help Kitt make a giant 3D, paper map of Darlington, highlighting landmarks that celebrate the unexpected/undiscovered or imagined stories, places and people of the town.

If you want to share a story, a photo or a memory, please contact the artist: email lady_kitt@lladykitt.com.

Or pop into the gallery to have a chat, a cuppa and maybe make something on these dates:

Mon 19th: 10am-1pm
Weds 21st: 11am-2pm
Weds 28th: 3pm-6pm

Mon 2nd: 3pm-6pm
Weds 4th: 10am-1pm
Mon 9th: 10am-1pm
Weds 11th: 10am-1pm
Thurs 12th: 10am-1pm