Darlington Arts Festival 2020 “Platform for talent: get on board”

The eighth annual festival will take place in Darlington from Friday 15th to Monday 18th May 2020.

The multi-faceted festival highlights the variety of talent in the town across all artforms. The festival is again being supported by Creative Darlington and it will include writing,visual arts, performing arts and a festival concert.

  • Some funding is available to support events and activities for the festival.

In visual arts and performing arts (music, theatre, dance etc), we’d like to hear from anyone who is working towards exhibiting or performing; pop-up spaces might be available – including the free ‘Spotlight on…’ opportunity in the Market Hall on Saturday 16th May providing timeslots of 40 minutes to promote your music group.

Please email darlo4culture@gmail.com to discuss your ideas for taking part in the festival.

  • If you have an event organised for 15-18 May and would like it included in the Arts Festival 2020 programme and publicity, please supply the following details (and a good-quality image) before 29th February.

Event title:

Event description (max 150 words): [please give details about your event, written in third person]


Date and time:

Ticket price(s): [any age restrictions, if applicable, e.g. 16+ only etc.]

Booking required (delete as applicable):  YES or NO?

Booking details (if applicable):


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