The Icarus Project by Darlington thriller writer Roger Barnes has been published through Inscribe Media.
During his Inauguration speech, newly elected American President Alan Maddox announces in it is his intention to initiate a project that will rid the world of toxic waste. A project visionary in concept to transport it into the Sun; disposing of it permanently, “The Icarus Project”
When one of the Canisters carrying radioactive and chemical wastes goes rogue and is drawn in to the gravitational field of nearby planets the die is cast for a catastrophe waiting to happen. By vagaries of the sling shot effect its velocity is accelerated dramatically, and now easily leaves our solar system.
Its path through the immense emptiness of space is influenced only by space winds and the gravitational pull of planets or comets it passes. And so it travels at ever increasing speeds carrying it over time to; and beyond Galaxies mankind cannot even see let alone comprehend.
Inevitably, it collides with a planet and its lethal cargo, which has fermented over aeons bursts killing the people that inhabit it. This Galaxy convenes a tribunal to try Planet Earth, as defendant it selects Syfax a Roman Gladiator from 129 AD, and by accident David Greenham from the present day. These two men must defend earth from the wrath and vengeance of a vastly superior race that has the ability to travel through time and space, and to who the destruction of a planet and its people is of little or no consequence.
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