The event is on Wednesday 23rd October 2019 from 10am to 12.20pm at Crown Street Gallery, Darlington.

Dover Prize winner Bethan Maddocks is both artist and storyteller. Her work explores social history, bringing to life the story of a place through the stories of its people. She makes large interactive paper sculptures on themes that have included the prehistoric forests of Northumberland and the Newcastle witch trials. And now she is turning her gaze on Darlington with its rich architectural heritage, its historical characters and its important industrial past.

Supported by the Arts Society, she is looking forward to this sharing session: talking about her work as well as garnering stories from people who live in the area, love the town and are interested in its history.

This is an exciting opportunity to be in at the beginning of an artwork specific to Darlington and to play a key role in the shaping and development of a body of work. It will be a friendly and relaxed discussion over coffee and biscuits.

  • This event is free, but it would be helpful to know numbers attending
  • Please email to confirm