The Northern Echo has been told in a statement (on Tuesday September 8) that Darlington Borough Council proposes to set aside the decisions made about the town’s library service in June and to review them again – you can read more at
John Dean, Chair of Darlington for Culture, one of the organisations that campaigned to block the changes to the library service, said: “We welcome this hugely encouraging decision by the council.
“This is a great tribute to the groups and thousands of individuals who fought so hard to save our libraries.
“We have always said that the council should work with the community so that together we can get this right and now councillors and officers have the opportunity to do just that.
“The process should be one of co-operation and the council needs to approach the new consultation with an open-minded attitude and look at what can be achieved.”
The groups involved in the original protest campaign will meet over the next couple of weeks to formulate the next steps in the campaign.
The council has said, however, that it remains committed to moving Crown Street Library to the Dolphin Centre.