Family research and studying for an MA in Novel writing inspired me to write this book. It is based on the journey of my great, great grandfather, Michael McCormick, (Michan Maguire in the book) from Ireland during the terrible famine of 1847 to his eventual work as a miner in the Durham coalfields. In 1875 a young reporter , Thadeus Grey, accepts a job at the Northern Chronicle in Darlington and has no idea that he is about to become involved in secrets, illegal plots and danger, and that the Maguire family will be at its heart.

So many local families have the same double link to Ireland and the mining industry as well as to the early days of  Darlington in the mid 1800s. I hope The Blue Stone will take readers on a journey that connects to those times which their own families may have also lived through.

It is available on Amazon Kindle now. “The Blue Stone” by AT Conway