Darlington for Culture (DfC), which support arts and culture in the borough, has announced that the number of volunteering hours that have been delivered in 2015 has topped 2,000.
Now, the organisation, which was a runner-up in the Contribution to the Arts category at the Best of Darlington 2015 event, is seeking to add to its 50-strong volunteer force to cope with growing demands on its services.
The work has included supporting Darlington Civic Theatre as Ambassadors for the Touring Consortium Theatre Company, working with businesses like Scrap Studioarts in Borough Road, co-ordinating the annual Darlington Arts Festival and running arts events like the open mic for writers held at Voodoo Café, Skinnergate, on a monthly basis.
They also support Darlington Green Theatre’s annual Theatre in the Park performances and events like Includfest, which was held in South Park in the summer.
The organisation, which is a Community Benefit Society, a type of co-operative, also supports groups, businesses and venues with everything from promotion to offering practical advice on volunteering.
DfC is seeking to recruit more volunteers. DfC says benefits include a chance to:
· Support the arts in Darlington
· Help bring new cultural activity to the town
· Meet new people, make new friends
· Develop skills and interests by helping others
· Get involved in the community
· Receive training and support
Anyone aged sixteen to 80 can volunteer (some teenagers use their DfC volunteering towards Duke of Edinburgh awards and university personal statements)
Heather Carter, DfC’s Volunteer Co-Ordinator, said: “Our volunteer service is a great asset to the town and our diverse group of volunteers enhance every event we support. We are a great team and would love people to join us.”
John Dean, DfC Chair, said: “We are proud of the work our volunteers do supporting arts and culture organisations. We hope that more people will come forward to join as volunteers.”
* Expression of interest forms for potential volunteers are available in the volunteer section on the left hand side of our home page or you can e-mail volunteerdarlingtonforculture@gmail.com or put your contact details in an envelope addressed to the Volunteer Co-ordinator, Darlington for Culture Ltd, c/o Heritage House, Houndgate, Darlington DL1 5RF and DfC will contact you.