On Track is a new event for the music industry presented in collaboration with Tipping Point (Powered by Generator).

Taking place at The Forum Music Centre from 11am-2pm on Saturday 7th September, this is a free music-industry conference for both artists and music creators which ties in with Last Train Home Festival 2019.

It aims to give artists the opportunity to speak to a host of music professionals and gather advice on how to navigate the industry and build a sustainable career.

The programme will open with roundtable sessions discussing all things music industry from touring and getting gigs, to record labels, music management, music press and getting played on the radio.

Claire Dupree, founder and editor-in-chief of the North East’s premier monthly music and culture publication NARC. Magazine, will present a comprehensive guide to music press (including those big do’s and don’ts).

Finally, an A&R panel will give artists and bands the opportunity to have their music heard by the music industry professionals in attendance.