Darlington Culture Volunteers (DCV), who support arts and culture in the borough, have announced that the number of volunteering hours that will have been delivered by the end of 2017 has topped 3,800 – the highest ever figure recorded by the service and three hundred more than last year.
DCV, which was created through a partnership formed earlier this year between arts organisation Darlington for Culture and Darlington Hippodrome, has 60 volunteers.
Before the amalgamation, the service was run by Darlington for Culture, under whose guidance volunteers worked 3,500 hours in 2016.
Their work has included supporting Darlington Hippodrome, working with local businesses, co-ordinating the annual Darlington Arts Festival and running and supporting arts events.
DCV is seeking to recruit more volunteers and says benefits include a chance to:
Support the arts in Darlington
Help bring new cultural activity to the town
Meet new people and make new friends
Develop skills and interests by helping others
Get involved in the community
Receive training and support
Heather Carter, DCV Volunteer Co-Ordinator, said: “We have the most marvellous team of volunteers who are very committed to supporting the arts in Darlington. “Our volunteers start at 16 years with no upper age limit. You can volunteer for as many or as few hours as you like, All we require is your enthusiasm to encourage the public to engage with local arts and cultural events.”
Jo Potter, DfC Chair, said: “This impressive number of volunteer hours is evidence of the need for volunteers to support the arts and cultural activities in our town and borough. I look forward as the new chair for DfC to working with our volounteer team to further strengthen our offering and to promoting Darlington as a regional focal point for the arts.”
Hippodrome Director Lynda Winstanley said: “We are very pleased that our partnership with Darlington for Culture has been so productive and successful. We are looking forward to welcoming the volunteers into the Theatre in brand new roles.”
You can find out more about DCV at https://www.darlingtonculturevolunteers.co.uk