The DfC Committee

Jo Potter – Chair

Jolyon (Jo) Potter has enjoyed a long and varied career in both the public and private sectors. He joined the Diplomatic Service in 1971 and served in the Foreign Office in London and later in Budapest, Brussels, Dublin and Cairo before returning to London in 1982. While abroad he maintained his interest in amateur dramatics culminating with the role of Puck in A Midsummer Night’s Dream performed in the extensive tropical gardens of an Embassy property on Zamalek Island in The Nile. The performances attracted the interest of a wealthy Egyptian entrepreneur who offered the opportunity to establish a professional English troupe of players in Cairo. Life might have been very different!

As a result of leaving the Diplomatic Service in 1984 for the British Overseas Trade Board, Jo was introduced to the world of overseas tradeshows as an Event Manager supporting British firms to exhibit in West Germany (as it was then). From there he moved to an industry body responsible for developing their programme of tradeshows. In 1989 he formed Trade Fair Support Ltd to manage the export promotion programmes of other industry bodies. Although travelling extensively to tradeshows during this period he was still able to maintain his interest in theatre and was Chair of The Heath Players in Kent until moving with his family to Darlington in 1995.

Shortly after moving to Darlington he and his wife formed Darlington Green Theatre and with the active support of the Council brought open-air Shakespeare performance back to South Park. Sadly, as a result of safety and security issues, open-air performance had to be restricted and the future of Green Theatre hangs in the balance. Jo remains active in amateur theatre, supporting STARS at St Augustine’s and as Chair of DfC, promoting other Darlington drama and music groups. He sings with Darlington Choral Society and his continued trips to his company’s HQ in Maidstone afford him the opportunity to attend London theatre and concerts on a regular basis.

Heather Carter – Volunteer Co-ordinator

Heather has worked for more than 30 years in the NHS both as a general, psychiatric and children’s/neonatal nurse and has experience as an NHS Board Member, both in an Executive and Non-Executive capacity. She has had the opportunity of running large organisations and became familiar with the governance requirements to do that safely. Her experience has been gained by working in multi-disciplinary teams and working closely with patients to ensure services are fit for purpose.

Once retired she volunteered for three years on the Independent Monitoring Board of Deerbolt Young Offenders Institute as well as being a volunteer with the homeless charity First Stop Darlington.

She is now a committee member and the Speaker Secretary for the local branch of the Darlington and District National Council of Women with whom she spoke at the National Conference on Women in Prison.

She is a founding member of Darlington for Culture and believes the town needs Arts and Culture to flourish so it can enrich and improve the lives of all the people who live in it. It is her firm belief that Arts and Culture make a significant contribution to the ongoing economic life of the town.

Her role as Volunteer Co-ordinator has consisted of setting up a service in 2010 to recruit and support volunteers. In 2017 she worked with Darlington Hippodrome, as part of their Heritage Lottery Bid, to form a partnership of Darlington for Culture and Darlington Hippodrome for the provision of the volunteer service. This was then renamed Darlington Culture Volunteers. The volunteers make a significant contribution to bringing Arts and Culture new and repeat events to the area. She is continually seeking to recruit new volunteers across the whole spectrum of Darlington and the surrounding areas society. Many of these volunteers will go on to find paid work in their chosen areas.
Heather also enjoys volunteering at events herself and meeting new people and old friends.

Glenda Lynn – Volunteer Co-ordinator

Glenda is one of the co-ordinators for Darlington Culture Volunteers. She has been a member of Darlington for Culture since late 2010 when she was asked if she’d be interested in helping Heather Carter set up the DfC volunteer service.

Since retiring from the NHS, Glenda has become a Committee member for DfC and is pleased with the way both the volunteer service and the organisation are developing.

Glenda is a keen consumer of the arts and very much enjoys going to the theatre, music and singing in a local choir. She is also a member of a range of other groups in the town and can honestly say she doesn’t know how she ever managed to find time to go to work.

Ann McMorris – Secretary

Ann joined DfC in September 2013, initially as part of the volunteering Ambassadors Scheme, which brought a variety of plays to Darlington. She joined the committee in 2017 with the specific brief of working with the community of Cockerton to keep open Cockerton Library. After the Judicial Review related to Crown Street Library, Cockerton became part of the council’s review of Library services. In April, she took over from Matt Roche as secretary.

Ann’s background is of working in the public sector both in health and social care. Her interests are varied and include old black-and-white films, the theatre, watching most sports, walking and swimming.

Kath Matthews

Kath started her working life in the secretarial sector followed by a spell in retail before moving to her current career in the pharmacy business as a technician. She is also a TAQA assessor in Customer Service and Retail Management.

In addition to the day job, Kath is a director of the Forum Music Centre in Darlington. One of her roles there is Volunteer Co-ordinator along with running the in-house Film Club with a colleague. Kath’s big passion in life is music followed closely by theatre, literature and the arts in general.

Kath is a long-term member of DfC and joined the committee in 2018, and she is now part of a team with other local organisations and individuals working through a process to obtain Purple Flag status for Darlington town centre.

Marketing and Communications team

Marion Ogle :Lead 

Marion has recently retired from Darlington Borough Council after 43 years service. Whilst working for the Council Marion had various roles which included managing the library, Head of Steam Railway Museum and the Events team . During the past four years she was the Town Centre Partnership and Events manager.

Marion has a passion for the Arts and Culture and accepted the role of leading the marketing and communications team along with Alice early January 2021 .

Marion is a committee member of Darlington Dance Festival Association , Voices of Darlington Choir and a Trustee of Middleton St Georges Community Association and is looking forward to becoming an active member of Darlington for Culture .

Alice Potter : Lead

Alice is  a founder members of Darlington Green Theatre with Jo Potter, she became involved in the original fight to save the Arts Centre which, although unsuccessful, led to the realisation that there are lots of arts based organisations and projects in Darlington needing recognition and support and eventually to the formation of Darlington for Culture.

Alice has worked as a volunteer over the years and more recently become involved in the archiving project at the Hippodrome.

Alice’s particular interest is the history of Darlington and, through that project helped organise a History Walk centered around the music halls of the town in the nineteenth century. During the last lockdown she finished her MA in Novel writing and have just published her first novel online. Alice is looking forward to working with Marion and the DFC Marketing and Communications team.

 Catherine Hodgson : Instagram

Catherine is one of the social media volunteers for Darlington for Culture and has extensive experience in marketing and communications and has worked in the arts and heritage sector for a number of years.

Catherine originally joined Darlington for Culture as a social media volunteer in 2016, before moving away for work. She returned to Darlington in 2020 and was delighted to join Darlington for Culture again, taking responsibility for the DfC Instagram account.

Catherine strongly believes that culture is for everyone and is passionate about the transformative impact of the arts and heritage on local communities. In her spare time, Catherine enjoys visiting arts and heritage attractions, travelling, photography, music, theatre, reading and singing.

Helen Devonshire : Twitter

Helen runs the Darlington for Culture and Darlington Culture Volunteers  Twitter accounts and is a keen supporter of all types of arts and heritage. She plays the cello in Darlington Orchestra and enjoys volunteering to help facilitate local theatre, music and gallery events.
Pam Plumb : Facebook 
Pam has been a volunteer for a number of years and currently helps run the Facebook page for Darlington for Culture in her spare time. She has a strong interest in the arts of all strands and enjoys helping to promote the wide variety of activities and events that are available.

Rhona Brampton: Facebook – Volunteers 

Having a keen interest in Arts and Culture and with wanting to interact with other people who shared the same interests, Rhona joined Darlington for Culture in February 2015. After a role within the NHS she wanted to try something new so decided volunteering would be a great way to expand her skills.

Rhona has participated in various activities as a volunteer including Theatre Ambassador and is a Theatre Welcome Host at The Hippodrome. Rhona is passionate about Music , Film and Theatre.

Rhona recently became involved with the Social Media for Darlington for Culture through our Volunteer facebook page promoting Arts and Culture and other areas of interest.

Julie Vickerman: Small Grants 

Julie manages the organisation’s Small Grants Fund.

Ian Ross : Treasurer